How is this candle different from all other candles?

"Or & Ahavah" (Hebrew for “Light & Love”) was created during a dramatic rise in antisemitism, and is the first and only company exclusively dedicated to celebrating Jewish culture through Jewish-inspired scented candles (and other self-care items).

Or & Ahavah wants to fill your home with scents that make you smile and reflect. This is especially meaningful when you think about the prevalence and symbolism of candles in Judaism: candlelight is a reminder of G-d’s presence; the candle's flame is a representation of the soul and serves as a reminder of the beauty of life; and candles are equated with honor and joy, with the belief that there can be no peace without light.

Keeping your health in mind

Or & Ahavah candles are Jewish-mother approved. Why? Because they are “clean” candles made with high-quality ingredients that don’t contain any of the meshugas found in many candles on the market (NO toxins, lead, petroleum byproducts, phthalates, additives, or dyes). The candles contain 100% all-natural Kosher soy wax, are scented with essential oil blends, and have cotton wicks. Each product is handcrafted by a nice Jewish girl, is made with ahavah, and contains a healthy dose of chutzpah.

Giving back to the community

Tikkun olam is a Jewish concept of behaving and acting in a way that benefits society. Being a light and spreading light is something we strive for every day. We care about the world around us and the people in it; doing good for the community, through tzedakah (or charitable giving), is one way we are giving back. We have rotating non-profit organizations we donate to for causes that spark positive change. With each purchase, you are helping us spread the light. From the bottom of our hearts, todah rabah.

Meet the maker

Karen is a nice Jewish girl living in Maryland. She is a latke lover, afikoman finder, dreidel champ, and question asker. She loves travel, food (even gefilte fish on occasion), and brightening people’s days. She runs on candles and chutzpah, and is thrilled you found Or & Ahavah.